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A few words about "Magic Wands" and  THE BOOK OF WANDS

This is a practical book and story for EVERYONE, not just a story about Pretend Magic.

This is a story about REAL Tools that you likely run across every day of your life-- but fail to realize exactly what they are.

"Magic" properly refers to Unconventional Usage.

A lot of books and popular fiction has been written about Magic Wands over the past hundred years. In folk lore, the idea of a Wand Practitioner, a Sorcerer, a Witch, or other "Magical" character using Magic Wands is certainly nothing new. In recent years of course, Magic Wand Lore has become an extremely fashionable topic, so you can see Magic Wand pages sprouting up like weeds as often as you see kids carrying around toy Magic Wands on Halloween.

However, the REALITY of Magic Wands is something else altogether, and this is what this particular book on all Wands and Magic Wands is all about: The actual practice of using "Unusual Tools" is to change one's position in the You-niverse, done  through the use of one's TRUE Magic Wands.

The main confusion comes from the notion that a Magic Wand must look like a Baton, like a orchestra conductor's baton. But this is like saying that all human beings have the name John Smith. Nothing could be further from the truth. Incidentally, the setting for this book on Magic Wands is that of "Historical Fiction", that is to say that names have been created to substitute for actual characters that use these Magic Wands, but none the less, the drama and stories about the use of the Wands here comes from actual practice and experience. But back to what a Wand looks like- leave your preconceived notions behind, and you will then come to understand what a Magic Wand actually looks like.

Once one abandons the limited and fictional concept that a Magic Wand is a Baton, and a Baton only, then one begins to approach the historic and physical reality of what a Wand really is-- and what it is, is an Unusual Tool. And potential Unusual Tools are EVERYWHERE.

What anyone interested in Magic Wands, or for that matter, what anyone interested in using Tools to help them navigate reality must do is look at the actual INSTRUCTIONS. That is what this, and this book only purports to do. This book has not been written to supply yet another bit of entertainment only. This book is created to give the reader an actual practical guide- in the manner of this story- about HOW TO USE UNUSUAL TOOLS.

The language of The Book of Wands may in fact be above the level of what would be expected of an kid's book but then, this is not your typical kid's book. This is for kids and adults who are interested in what "Magic Wand" really means and what they are really about.

When  fictional books about Magic and Magic Wands have long gone out of fad and fashion- the "Real" Book of Wands will continue to entertain, and yet remain a practical and useful guide for all.










The Book of Wands is a completely unique and exciting  AS IT HAPPENED bundle of fantastic story telling-  Revealing "secrets" that have remained completely unspoken by Slade, or anyone else for that matter, until NOW-  The idea of "Magic" Wands takes on a completely new meaning, and Magic becomes Real-

For Travelers of all ages and sizes-  10 through 110







Humorous, bizarre, and imminently entertaining

The Book of Wands will become an instant classic while the ink is still fresh on the paper.... or well, in the case of the Online Download version or CD version, before the dots on your LCD screen have time to... well...uh....   well, you get the idea. 

(Sandi Reutbeer, left)















Imagine if J.R.R. Tolkein, Kurt Vonnegut, Monty Python, Tom Robbins, J.K. Rowling,

and Richard Brautigan had a communal child... well, maybe not...   but if they DID...

 The Book of Wands would be what that child would have in his school back pack. And the school principal would be trying to pry the manuscript out of this smiling kid's  grubby little fingers-- to no avail.  PAHNNGGG!!!!!!


Based on TRUE EVENTS with Slade's Artistic Driver's License firmly in his back pocket, in The Book of Wands only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.


(Magical Looking Canes by Fred Poindexterity aka "Eric Vincent", right)






In The Book of Wands you will meet a cast of colorful, entertaining and intriguing characters that will become your friends, such as D.A.T. Stingo himself and a host of others like Jua Lee Noodle, Bobby Spaghetti (left), Byron Goosebery, Fred Dexterity, Brianna Pomegranite, Ruti Baegel, Sandi Ruetbeer , Craig Samsonite, The Dooless Clan, T.J. MIllergrin, The Werms, Erfie and Chloe (below) and others that will keep you laughing, crying, and up reading way past your bedtime.

















It is know by Travelers  that True Wands come in a variety of shapes and sizes- You may have a Wand in your pocket or at your fingertips- and haven't even known it- Magic may be as close as your ordinary house keys.


Wands can open a can, can clean your house, can find you a new boyfriend or girlfriend, can help you find your lost keys or lost dog, and can even keep you entertained.


It has further been predicted by  Leading Scholarly Authorities that

The BOOK OF WANDS will delight ALL AGES from this Post Industrialized Age in 2009 until we start colonizing the moons of Jupiter in 2509-  


This particular Book Wand Book of Wand Books is thicker than a Phone Book.  At  1000 pages it is SIX times the length  of Slade's previous best selling opus The Frontal Lobes Supercharge and his follow up Brain Magic


According to The Wallet Street Journal, THE BOOK OF WANDS is an outstanding value, as well as a scrumptious and complete Literary Meal, perhaps making it  the  World's Best Brain Entertainment at mere  pennies per hour.    PAHHHHHNNNNNGG!!! 

















Byron Gooseberry   





Jua Lee Noodle - With Flash Wand  



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