This is a Google Earth Photo of the actual

Dormant Brain Lab with a few points of interest pinned.

Zoom in for more details and extra info.

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This is a satellite view of the Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory, as photographed approximately 15 years after the closure of the lab. For detailed close up photos of all of these landmarks and many more visit 

What looks like bare land is actually still very dense aspen tree forest which does not register in the satellite photo, but can be seen in the online photos. Evergreen tress do appear here as darker areas, and upon zooming in individual trees can even be seen.

As of 2009, ALL of the original buildings and landmarks have been removed and there is little trace of the original lab, save the forest. The original two foot wide footpath has been widened and replaced by a dirt road by the developers. All of the land is private property and tresspassing is absolutely forbidden.


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Below is a photo of a real Flying Broom.

This Wand (and yes, Brooms are a species of Extentio Humerus), flew off the wall into the center of my living room on three separate occasions, once while someone was ten feet away when it happened.  It is securely fastened very well with the hook.


A painting by Julia "Jua Lee Noodle" Lu   hangs next to it. It is one of the reasons the Broom began to fly.



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